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Come Celebrate Your Heritage! Visit Drum Castle in 2022 or 2023

The year 2022 marks the 700th anniversary of the Irvines and Burnetts in the Royal Deeside. The families have been part of this region since 1322 when King Robert Bruce granted part of the Park of Drum to William de Irwyn (the first laird), and at the same time a part of the upper forest of Drum to Alexander Burnett. The following year, on October 4, 1323, King Robert Bruce signed the charter erecting Drum into a free barony and confirming the former grant of the same land in free forestry to the first Baron, William de Irwyn. The current Chief of the Name and Laird of Drum (as well as being the 27th Baron of Drum) is Alexander Irvine of Drum who still holds a small part of the Drum ancestral lands. The current Chief of the House of Burnett is James "Jamie" C. A. Burnett of Leys who is also holder of the Barony of Leys. He also holds some of the original Leys ancestral lands. Both the National Trust for Scotland now manage Drum Castle and Crathes Castle. You are invited to join a yearlong celebration of seven hundred years Drum by participating in one of our two Tours, starting with our Great Scottish Tour of 2022 and culminating with a Gathering of the Clans in 2023. The 2023 Tour will feature a number of joint activities with the House of Burnet